Wining & Dining at Larisa Resort, Manali

Naivedyam - Restaurant

The mountain air builds up an appetite and the restaurant at Larisa Resort, Manali, offers a variety of food to satiate it. There is local Kullu cuisine, full of energy, barley and maize. It tastes like Tibet, Punjab and Europe, all at the same time and fires you up on cold, windy days. Authentic Kullu food is a treat that is hard to find anywhere else so you’ll want to stock up while you’re here. Continental food like pasta, pizza and other dishes that were adopted along with European settlers have also been put on the menu (and our chef’s fingertips). One of the best restaurants in Manali, Larisa Resorts' excellent service and unmatched quality makes it stand apart from everyone else.

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Such meals would be a pleasure to consume anywhere, but when they are served in a setting so spectacular. The tables by the pool afford a rippling view of the mountains and orchards, and you’d be lost in nature’s wonders, if it wasn’t for the smells coming from the barbeque. Every sizzle on the grill makes your mouth water in anticipation, and even a minute’s wait seems like a lifetime. It’s almost enough to make you want to sit at the cosier tables inside, where you can savour the views without the temptation.

Madhushala - Bar

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Kullu is known for its tea preparations but cold, Himalayan winds often demand something more potent. And there is no better place to seek it than the charming, white-bricked bar at Larisa Resort, Manali. With walls lined with warm teakwood panels, and plush, velvety armchairs by the window, walking in is like walking back in time. Hot Toddies and Whisky Sours are served alongside Cosmopolitans. And many a glass is raised to the beauty of the Himalayas, the delights of Nature and the cathartic embrace of a warming drink on a cold day. This beautiful lounge provides great options for basking in the warmth of the atmosphere at one of the best bars in Manali, only at Larisa Resort.