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A vacation experience should linger on like a sweet aftertaste, and rest permanently as pleasant memories. This is the idea behind every Larisa resort built, and yet to be built. The name Larisa is inspired by the regional language of the Lahaul belt. La signifies that which is above, the Sky. Ri means the Mountains. Sa represents the Earth. These three words sum up Larisa’s philosophy of sustainable tourism through boutique properties. Each one of which encourages local employment and local produce. Thereby, uplifting the lives of the people in the region where Larisa resides.

A Larisa experience is a blend of luxury with regional flavour, giving a special touch to the services and activities. It’s a relaxing, rejuvenating and reviving stay where every guest is made to feel special and start a relationship with the brand. We like to greet familiar faces and welcome our guests again, or at another Larisa property. Because we believe Larisa is an experience, and it’s at its best when repeated.

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One of the most beautiful, cleanest resorts I’ve ever stayed in. Everything was too stunning to be true, it’s like living in a cartoon or anime! And surprisingly very cheap and budget-friendly for a place this fancy! Perfect for a honeymoon, highly recommended.

Date of stay: August 2021

Wonderful stay and amazing food

We experienced amazing food, staff is very good at hospitality, Nice property view,enjoyed a lot snowfall. We are really very happy, it's a rare chance to get overall experience at a property....
One should at least visit once.

Date of stay: February 2022

Amazing Stay!!

The place was beautifully located. The cottages were quite spacious. The food was good. The hospitality was upto the mark. Anjani and Ravi were quite generous with their services and were always prompt in providing us with the best possible service.

Date of stay: November 2021

Beautiful Property

Loved our stay at Larisa. The rooms are neat and spacious and the view of the mountains from the room is the highlight of the property. The property overall is very well maintained and is really quiet and calm, perfect for a holiday to escape the city hustle-bustle. The food at the restaurant was really good. The staff at the restaurant and the front desk were warm and helpful.

Date of stay: September 2021


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