Enchanting Experience At The Larisa Resort, Shimla

Kids Room

Bringing your kids along? Well! You don’t need to worry about your own space and enjoyment as long as we keep your children entertained in our kids room at The Larisa Resort, Shimla. With age-appropriate toys, DVDs, books and video games, the Kids' Room is tailored to meet the needs of our young guests aged 2-10. Bonus: An amalgamation of all the features that will delight your children, the kids' room also has an easy access to every guest room. Isn’t this what we call, home away from home?

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Playaway Room

Ready for a bit of Burnout Paradise or PUBG? Maybe Mortal Kombat arcade style or Soccer? The much-desired room for the teenybopper is here! We’ve got them all installed for your teenage traveler and the gamer in you. So, let loose the child within you and ask the reception for the gaming list. Now that’s what we call, Play, Enjoy, Repeat!


For the avid readers who fancy a good read while their stay at The Larisa Resort, Shimla, we have an in-house library and an elaborate collection of different genres for them to pick from. In their free time, they can head to our Library, pick themselves’ a nice little sitter and step out into the Tea Café. In such a cluttered day, sipping a cuppa under skylight while flipping through the pages of your favorite read is not something you do every day!

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