Accommodation at Our Boutique Resort in Mussoorie

There are seven Valley View Cottages, three Suites and single Deluxe room at our Resort in Mussoorie displaying luxury, user-orientation and well-appointedness. Each endearing cottage takes advantage of its beautiful natural environment with a sit out space overseeing the valley. Although all the rooms look similar but each one offers a unique balcony view. They are beautifully embellished with custom-made furnishing and other convenient features that the guests require.

LARISA-Villa Suite Room3

The Suites at Larisa Resort, Mussoorie, bring out the eminence in you when you receive the indispensable hospitality!

Valley View Cottage

Wake up to an exceedingly serene and breathtaking view whilst you stay in our valley view rooms.

LARISA-Deluxe Room2

Designed to provide a luxurious stay, rejoice in the Deluxe Rooms at Larisa Resort, Mussoorie.