LaRisa Resort, Mussoorie

Village Kaplani, Mussoorie, Dhanulti Road, Uttarakhand - 248179
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Welcome to LaRiSa Resort, Mussoorie - Magical Land Amidst The Mountains

LaRiSa Boutique Resort welcomes you and your four-legged Pet!  

Mussoorie "Queen of the Hills" on the foothills of the Himalayas, this quaint, charming hill station 34 km from Dehradun, never fails to mesmerize with immensely picturesque beauty enveloped by majestic snow-covered Himalayas, decorated by a carpet of colossal, resilient tall trees which dance & sway to the winds especially during the rains, witness an unusual phenomenon called "Winterline" which is unique to Mussoorie, From Mid October to January, when the sun sets, the sky turns into a beautiful myriad combination of colours which are vibrant oranges, yellows, mauves and reds. A photographer’s delight and magical memories to last a lifetime!

Rising between 6,400 and 8,000 feet above sea level you will always find peace and tranquility everywhere you look, at our boutique resort in the beautifully scenic foothills of the Garhwal Himalayas. It is tucked away amidst captivating lush greenery with spectacular, sweeping views of the Doon valley below,located inKaplanivillage, 6 km away from Mussoorie Mall Road.

Our luxury resort in Mussoorie has everything and more for you to boot the stress out of your busy lifestyle. We come highly recommended as a place to chill & relax or to make a perfect base for an outdoor adventure in the remarkable scenery around the hill station. Whether it be strolling amongst tall pine trees, dipping in the purest icy waterfalls or pushing the pulse-rate on a zip line thrill or simply snoozing or taking in the cool clear air & views reclined in a hammock with the most spectacular views of verdant valleys, LaRiSa has it all covered. It’s the LaRiSa thing our hospitality is famous for.

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The name LaRiSa resort is inspired by the local language of Lahul. 'La' signifies that which is above, 'Ri', the mountains, and 'Sa' means earth. The 'LaRiSa Mountain Resort' is exceptionally charming with dollops of privacy, intimacy, tranquility and with genuine personalized service. It is ideal for tourists, adventurous trekkers headed for treks in the Himalayas: business travellers & honeymooners to relax, rejuvenate and revitalize.

LaRiSa, our boutique resort in Mussoorie, will be a delight no matter what season you visit. Most of the times of the year the clouds descent into the resort, so surreal and hallucinatory, is a dreamlike sight that you feel like heaven on earth where you can walk through the clouds. During the winters witness the God’s creation the “Winterline“ a natural phenomenon observed right from your cosy, luxuriously built cottages and suites, each has a sit out space overseeing the valley offering you this rare treat. This is a love affair with nature that you may never get over!

So welcome to LaRiSa Mussoorie a "small", "chic" mountain hotel with a big "heart" so take a break and explore the hill stations beauty and Uttarakhand’s most beautiful spots.

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