Recreation at Larisa Resort - Best Resort in Manali

The intimacy of a boutique hotel promises peace, which Larisa Resort, Manali, delivers beautifully. Nestled in the inviting lap of the mountains in Kullu-Manali, passing time is never a concern here. Many happy hours can be spent star-gazing and admiring the rainbow of colours around, and many happier ones trying to capture them on canvas. When you’re done with your painting, you may want to join the symphony of the wind and the birds with the musical instruments in the recreation room. Or maybe just take a cycle and ride along the meadows, chasing butterflies.

Larisa Resort, Manali also has many excellent spots to curl up and read, so we’ve put together a library to match. We’ve got a mixed bag of books that’ll go wonderfully with cups of hot chocolate and freshly brewed tea. As will the collection of films lined up in the mini-theatre. There are enough titles to make you wish you were staying forever. Just like the kids, who’ll probably only leave the playroom under the spell of the mountains, where they can plant a tree to call their own and visit it as it grows. Larisa Resort is one of the unique boutique resorts in Manali and offers customisable experiences that will have you coming back for more!

Bonfire at LaRiSa Mountain Resort Manali - Best Resorts in Manali

The chilly evenings on the hills are the perfect setting for you to make your barbeque debut. The heat of the coals will cast a glow on your cheeks, and contentment will add new flavour to the food. When you want the pleasure of company, join our chefs to barbeque at the restaurant. And when the mood calls for something more intimate, we’ll set up a barbeque for you in your garden.

Apple Orchard Tour Near Larisa Mountain Resort in Manali - honeymoon packages in manali

Orchard Tour
Should you ever have enough of lazing around, there is much more you can do at Larisa Resort, Manali, without stepping off the resort. The famous Kullu apples usually ripen by July, and till October, you can enjoy the fruitful activity of going apple-picking. Put on your walking shoes and join the farmers on cheerful, sunny mornings. After an hour or so of jumping up and down for the ripest apples, settle down in the soft grass for a picnic lunch and maybe a siesta.

Outdoor Seating at Larisa Mountain, Best Resort in Manali

Private Dining
Bathed in the glow of fairy lights and lanterns, in a secluded spot in the orchards, you’ll find a table, and magic you’ve never felt before. A meal cooked to perfection, a bottle of champagne chilling by the side, and Beethoven and the stars at your service. All you have to do is ask.

Outdoor at Larisa Mountain Resort in Manali - Boutique Hotels in Manali 22

You can also walk down to our gardens, an excellent place to remind your children, and maybe even yourself, where vegetables actually come from. You can pick bright green and yellow zucchini, beans, lettuce and many other vegetables which our chefs will be happy to cook for you. And for dessert, the season being right, you can explore the strawberry patch near the garden, and pick your own strawberries to go with the cream.

Outside Larisa

Naggar Castle
This medieval Castle was built by Raja Sidh Singh of Kullu around 1460 A.D. The hotel overlooks the Kullu Valley and apart from the spectacular view and superb location, this has a flavour of authentic western Himalayan architecture. It is 6 kilometres from Larisa Resort, Manali.

Himalayan Trout Fish
The Kullu Valley has numerous places for trout fishing. These include Katrain, Raison, Kasol and Naggar, along the river Tirthan near Larji, in the Sainj valley. It is 2 kilometres from Larisa Resort

Somban Tour
Experience a tour in the pine tree jungles of Manali for a tryst with nature. The Somban Tour starts with a road going deep into the pine tree jungle. At the end of a tour is a great place for a picnic and unwinding with a charming stream and a multitude of tuck shops. The Somban Tour is just 5 minutes from the Resort.

Kullu Town
Visit Kullu town for an experience of river rafting or go souvenir shopping for a few beautifully designed shawls. Kullu town is 26 kilometres from the resort.

Soel is a gorgeous village which is a perfect spot for picnics and family bonding sessions. This charming location is well known for its trek between the pine trees which leads you to a fresh stream that is perfect for fishing. At Larisa Resort, Manali we also assist in finding a guide who can help you catch fish at cheap prices. Soel is located 3 kilometres from the resort.

About Kullu

Over three hundred deities are given credit for the beauty that abounds in the region, and all of them rise at Dussehra to pay homage to Lord Raghunath, the one who rules them all. Come Dussehra, Kullu is transformed by the week-long festivities, and travellers come from around the world to be a part of the experience.

For the rest of the year, spiritual succour can be found in the beautiful temples and monasteries that abound in the region, with architectural quirks and picturesque settings to admire.

The Himalayas are home and inspiration for many artists. One such artist was Russian painter Nicholas Roerich, whose works can be seen in New York, St. Petersburg, and the neighbouring town of Naggar, here in Kullu. He lived and painted the Himalayas in a lovely villa here, and now it serves as a museum for his art.

When you’re done admiring his masterpieces, you can pick some up for yourself. The brightly-coloured Pulla slippers and Kullu caps make great souvenirs.  You can find them in the many stalls lining the highways, where you can also find the famous, kaleidoscopic Kullu shawls, woven with classic merino wool and soft and luxurious angora.

Besides sight-seeing, there is a lot you can do in the region. You can go trekking, skiing and paragliding over the slopes, and go fishing, rafting, and kayaking in the rivers. The more adventurous at heart can go camping and rock-climbing, and enjoy the glory of the Himalayan mountains while hanging off them.