Organic Garden at Larisa Resort - Best Resort in Manali

In a garden along the eastern fence of the resort, the earth which hosts Larisa Resort, Manali, is plied to feed the guests. Chillies and herbs spring up with a little incentive. The beans, tomatoes and peppers take some coaxing but their taste makes up for the effort and patience involved. At one of the best luxury hotels in Manali, Larisa Resorts offers guests to become intimate with nature.

Organic Garden Near Larisa Mountain Resort in Manali - Boutique Hotels in Manali 2

The vegetables growing here are a treat for all the five senses. The colours are as bright as jewels, and you can smell the peppers from a distance. It may be because they are all organic but they taste different. As if the flavour has been concentrated in them. The gardener isn’t very business-minded and merrily shares the secrets of growing such gorgeous greens. The basil-scented air tempts even the sated stomach, and you find yourself picking vegetables for your next meal even if you’ve just finished one.