Mussoorie WinterLine Carnival 2019 (25 Dec-29 Dec)

Mussoorie, The Queen of Hills gears up 7th year in a row to ring in 2019 in an extraordinary fashion. This five-day annual Mussoorie Winterline Carnival will be celebrated from December 25th to the 29th of the month. The highlight will be the local artists and youth. Multiple activities are organized and the venue is beautifully decorated like a jewel. Adventure sports like paragliding and bungee jumping keep the carnival in high spirits. Cycling and skating are an added bonus. From shopping at stalls selling clothes, food, handicraft, footwear, leather items, you can sing and dance to the traditional music. Camp-fires are set-up in the night for those who like a nip in the air. So much to look forward to as this carnival is 'one-stop-shop' for entertainment… isn’t it?

Mussoorie winterline carnival

Landour Mela 2019 (27 Dec-29 Dec)

Although a small event initiated by the community at Char Dukaan in Landour, the objective of the 5th edition of Landour Mela, is to exhibit local handmade and natural products. Furthermore, the Mela helps in bringing local communities together to promote the same, over an engaging and entertaining weekend.

In association with Uttarakhand Tourism, Landour Cantonment Board and Mussoorie Nagar Palika, the Landour Mela is all set to lure you with the local delectable. It is about time you indulged in assorted souvenirs to carry home: all that and more for the Love of Landour!!!

Uttrakhand Music Festival (28 Dec - 29 Dec)

Dedicated to unite music lovers and work together as a team for Earth welfare, the Edition 4 of this unconventional digital fusion mantra music festival on the foothills of Himalayas (Uttarakhand) is back again. This Electronic Dance Music festival comprises performances by Live Bands and Electronic Music artists and Djs.

Moreover, it is a Noble Cause Charity event to help and support Orphanage Children of the World with the help of Musicians and all the Talented people around the Globe for the cause to come together for Earth and Human welfare. ‘Charity Begins at Home’ we heard; but should it not end there, we believe.

Uttrakhand Music Festival