Enhance your trip to the beautiful hill town of Himachal Pradesh with a visit to some beautiful waterfalls in Manali. Manali is a famous backpacking and honeymoon destination. The Beas River flows along its length, adding to the charm of the locale and instilling a certain sense of calm to its surroundings. While this nature-hugged town is a tourist hotspot on its own, the cool waters that thunder down from its peaks makes for a beautiful sight for sore eyes. Here are the best waterfalls in Manali that you should not miss during your expedition to the North!

Crystal Falls

If you’re seeking a quiet place, far from the noise, sans the crowd of people, your search ends here. This little known and even less-travelled-to gem of a location is located around 3 km from the village of Soyal (Soil). You might face some difficulty to find the exact spot of the waterfalls, because the paths are, as mentioned before, less frequented. But once you reach the spot, the awe and delight is unparalleled, much like the undisturbed waterfalls.

Total distance from Manali: 17.2 km

Crystal Falls
Jogini Falls

Jogini Falls

Cascading from a height of 160 ft., Jogini Falls is one of, if not the most popular waterfall near Manali. If you also wish to take a dip in the cool, clear waters, then summer is the best time to visit. During the rest of the year, the water can get quite cold. For a great trekking experience, you can start from the Vashisht temple on a 2 km path, lined with pine trees and orchards. Or you can drive close to the location and take a short stroll to reach the falls. Ardent wanderers can take an hour-long trek that will take you to the top of the waterfalls for a fabulous view.

Total distance from Manali: 4.8 km

Sajla Waterfall

Sajla, also spelt Sajjla, is another hidden gem of a waterfall in Manali. The water here is as clear as glass and incredibly gorgeous to look at, as it collects in a pool at the bottom. The milky white water cascading from a height of about 20 ft, is at its best when visited between the months of June and September. Start your trek from the Vishnu temple in Sajla village and travel down the clearly-marked path with ease. After you take in the beauty of the Deodar-covered landscape, run straight into the chilly waters for a refreshing shower, and come out born anew! A small cafe is also present near this spot, making this experience even more "filling", if you get our gist!

Total distance from Manali: 10.8 km

Sajla waterfall

Besides these recommended spots, there are plenty of other Manali falls for you to explore and fall in love with. Jana, Rahala, Rozy and Knoi are some of the most popular options. While in town, a soothing, quality stay is what makes the trip complete and fun. Larisa Resort, Manali is the ideal destination where nature, luxury and good vibes, all come together to proffer the perfect stay for travellers.



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