Things to Do in Shimla


Shimla is a paradise for nature-lovers and mountain admirers. The city presents picturesque panoramas of the majestic Himalayan Ranges. The capital city of Himachal Pradesh was once the summer capital of pre-independence India. It is known for mesmerising views, calm weather and several fascinating activities. In other words, there’s a ton of things to do in Shimla. We are here to help you navigate through the city and suggest a few activities you can indulge in during your stay in Shimla. What’s more! Our premium luxury hotel, Larisa Hotel, Shimla, houses the most comfortable rooms, decked with amenities to help you relax after a day of experiencing the city.

Shimla Sightseeing

Amidst the snow-clad mountains and the bustling of the crowds, Shimla is home to beautiful tourist attractions. Take a short trip around the city on the Kalka Shimla Toy Train, one of the four heritage narrow-gauge railway lines in India. It is a fun ride accompanied by spectacular views of Shimla and its surroundings. Next, you can pay a visit to the Viceregal Lodge which used to be the summer stay of the Indian Viceroy pre-independence. The lodge stands atop the second highest point in the city and besides presenting breath-taking scenery, the architecture is a testimony to the old styles. For wildlife enthusiasts, Kiala forest is the place to be. The dense growth of vegetation is home to several native species of flora and fauna. Other places of interest include Johnnie’s Wax Museum which can be very amusing for your younger companions, and Himalayan Bird Park where you can observe various colourful species.

Sightseeing in Shimla accompanied by beautiful views
river rafting- one of the most popular adventure activities in Shimla

Adventure Sports in Shimla

For those who seek thrilling experiences, Shimla has a lot in store for you. River rafting is a popular choice, credit to the gurgling waters of the Sutlej river. The city also has a widespread green golf-course where you can indulge in a game of golf with your buddies. There is an open-ice rink within Shimla where you can show-off your ice skating skills or even learn ice-skating over a short duration of time. Close to Shimla, Kangra Valley has provisions for paragliding. Trained professionals will accompany you as you glide through the skies like birds and witness bedazzling views of the world below.

Eating and Shopping in Shimla

Shimla doesn’t leave shopaholics behind either. There are various spots within the city where you can pick out the perfect shoes or the best memorabilia to remember your trip by. Mall Road in Shimla comprises an array of shops where you will find exactly what you are looking for. Some of these shops even sell local handicraft while others sell export quality winter clothing. You can also find some really good restaurants and cafes here where you can relax and enjoy some local dishes. Madra is a famous food in Shimla that originally comes from the Chambal district in Himachal Pradesh. This indulgent dish is made of chickpeas and is flavoured with different spices. It is truly a treat to your taste buds and is a must-have on your first visit to Shimla. Other dishes to try out include Sidu and Babru, both of which are an integral part of Himachal cuisine.

shopping in Shimla at Mall Road



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