If you are looking for a place to be surrounded by stunning views and charming panoramas of nature, then Mussoorie is the perfect place for you. This small town in the Himalayan foothills is a favourite amongst Indian and international tourists, thanks to its dramatic location and abundance of sightseeing opportunities. You can spend your days hiking or biking through the hills and forests or simply taking in the views from one of the many scenic viewpoints.

Mussoorie comes alive when the sun goes down, thanks to a plethora of quirky restaurants and bars. Those who wish to spend a quieter time alone, can find solace in the numerous coffee shops and bookstores scattered throughout the town. There are an abundance of activities and places to visit in Mussoorie at night that satisfy all!

People drinking in Mussoorie - one of the factors that enhance the nightlife in Mussoorie

A Trip to Restaurants and Bars

When in Mussoorie, enjoy a few drinks in one of the hill station’s atmospheric bars. The town is home to several delightful restaurants and pubs, each with its unique charm.

If you are looking for a traditional British pub experience, visit Victorian Bar. It is given an appearance of the colonial era, which enhances the overall experience. For a more rustic feel, check out Woody Barrel Bar, where you can sit and relax with a drink. Not only are these bars known for their aesthetics, but also offer vivid views of the mesmerising hills and the surrounding nature.


Looking at the stars while surrounded by the natural beauty of Mussoorie is an experience of its own. The town is located in the foothills of the Himalayas, and on a clear night, the sky can be seen ablaze with stars.

The most famous landmark for stargazing in Mussoorie is George Everest Peak, the 6th surveyor-general of India. From the top of this peak, visitors can witness stunning views of the surrounding area. The best time to visit this peak is when the sky is clear and dark, especially during the winter months.

stargazing is one of the best things to do in Mussoorie at night
a girl engaging in photography of nightlife in Mussoorie

Nightlife Photography

There is a reason why Mussoorie is crowned as the “Queen of Hills” - its lush greenery, majestic cloud-kissed mountains and the charming backdrop of the Himalayas, make it exquisite. Although every corner of this hill station is photogenic, if you are looking to click some snapshots during the nighttime then do visit Mall Road and Landour Bazaar. Mall Road is always bustling with activity. Whether you are looking for restaurants, bars, or shops, you can find them all on Mall Road. It makes it the perfect place for nightlife photography. Like Mall Road, Landour Bazaar is also known for its vibrant nightlife, ideal for snapping a picture or two.

Band Performances

Are you a music lover? Does music pump your adrenaline? If so, then visiting some of the renowned restaurants that play live music should definitely be on your list of things to do in Mussoorie at night! These restaurants feature talented local musicians who play a range of music - from traditional Indian music to contemporary pop songs. In addition to the live music, the restaurants also serve delicious food and drinks. Some of the most popular venues include The Glen resto-bar, The Tavern, Writer's Bar, and more!

A band performing - nightlife in Mussoorie
Evening strolls in Mussoorie during night

Evening Strolls

Evening walks or night walks are the best way to spend time in Mussoorie at night. A casual saunter amid the calm atmosphere under the starry sky is extremely therapeutic and rejuvenating. Mussoorie offers several places where people can enjoy the nightlife and go for leisurely walks.

Landour Bazaar is one such location where you can enjoy serene evening strolls. This quiet neighbourhood is home to winding streets and quaint cottages. It is the perfect place to take in the fresh mountain air.

Upon your visit, do not forget to reserve a phenomenal stay at one of the best resorts in Mussoorie, Larisa Resort. It is strategically located which makes it close to several tourist attractions. It offers breathtaking views of the summits and nature from its comfortable and well-appointed rooms. So hurry, plan a trip to the "Queen of Hills" and begin exploring its nightlife!


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