Have you ever fancied spending time in a little town tucked in the foothills of the Himalayas? We bring you Mussoorie, the ideal vacation spot for you! The Queen of Hills will win your heart with its mesmerising aura, romantic ambience and breathtaking viewpoints.

Mussoorie moves at its own speed, guarded by the gorgeous Himalayas and the powerful Shivalik Ranges. When you arrive in Mussoorie, you abandon the hectic pace of your everyday routine and adopt the leisurely pace of the locals, while finding inner peace amidst the mountains. Due to its clement weather conditions, the hill station can be toured during any time of the year. However, Mussoorie in July is considered to be the most charming period and is recommended as the best time to visit. There are several places in the hill station that are beautified by the rain, which you must visit.

A Visit to Benog Wildlife Sanctuary

If you love the call of the wild and are an animal lover, then visiting Benog Wildlife Sanctuary in monsoon is a must! Mussoorie in rainy season automatically becomes greener as the rain bestows the rich flora of the hills with freshness. The greenery surrounding the sanctuary looks more radiant while the forest also witnesses the bloom of several medicinal plants and herbs. And not just that, the floating mist by the mountains makes the journey even more enchanting and memorable.

view of the cloud-kissed mountains
a waterfall amid lush greenery

Explore the Waterfalls

Mussoorie is home to several waterfalls. One such is Kempty Waterfall, which is a crowd-favourite during the rainy season. As it falls down the rocky slantings, the cascade creates a foam in the bottom, making the sight a charming one! During monsoon, the rain mixes with the waterfall, giving it a more alluring appearance. Many come here for a swim or a bath and is considered to be one of the most popular things to do in Mussoorie in July. This landmark is considered ideal for a visit during the months of July and August when the surroundings of the cascade are filled with lush greenery and the whole area brims with vitality and freshness.

A Trip to Lal Tibba

Another quite riveting location to visit in Mussoorie in August is Lal Tibba. The path that leads to the scenic spot is filled with spectacular vistas of the hills. Here, you can unwind and breathe in the serenity of the place. As droplets of water adorn the summit point, the entirety of Mussoorie is painted with romanticism and tranquillity. It is one of the most sought-after spots amongst honeymooners. As you witness the glory of Lal Tibba, you can sample some of the local street food items from the neighbouring food stalls. There is nothing like sipping on a hot tea while embracing the wet peaks of the mountains.

person standing on top of a mountain

A Ride to Gun Hill

Every visitor to Mussoorie must ride the ropeway trolley to Gun Hill. Being the second highest hill in Mussoorie, visitors are treated to some of the most paradisiacal views. As trekking becomes a bit risky during the rainy season, travellers prefer to take the cable car to reach Gun Hill, while also embracing the phenomenal sights nature has to offer. The area is so gorgeous and lush with vegetation that it nearly seems mystical to behold.

In Mussoorie, the monsoon is the ideal time to celebrate peace. The season sees lesser footfall from tourists. So if you wish to explore Mussoorie during the most romantic time of the year, pamper yourself with a restful stay at one of the best luxury hotels in the hill station, Larisa Resort. Offering a closer-to-nature stay, Larisa promises to curate a vacation experience like never before, credit to its immaculate accommodation and exquisite dining options.


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