The hill station of Mussoorie, fittingly known as the Queen of the Hills, is a captivating getaway in Uttarakhand that beckons leisure travellers, honeymooners and even adventure seekers to its lovely expanse. While there is plenty to do and things to see in this mesmerising town where mist merges with the sky, let us take a look at some of the most popular Mussoorie sightseeing places that are closest to our lovely Larisa Resort.

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Kempty Falls

Located at a height of 4,500 ft., the milky water of this waterfall is a pleasant sight for all tourists. Developed by John Mekinan as a camping and tea party destination, the name of the place was also derived from the same idea - Camp-Tea. You can explore the sights, have a refreshing cold shower under the cascading water and have a fun time. Activities like ropeway rides and boating are available nearby. You can also climb the main road to reach the second stage of the waterfall.

Distance from resort: 26.8 km

Gun Hill View Point

In all its essence, Gun Hill View Point equates to a magical treat to the eyes! The second highest peak in the region, this Mussoorie view point, gets its name from the pre-independence era, where a gun mounted at its top was fired at noon to announce midday. You can witness panoramic views of Doon Valley and the town from this spot. A ropeway ride is also available at this point, which proves to be a true joy ride.

Distance from resort: 9.6 km

Gun Hill
Camels Back Road

Camels Back Road

Camels Back Road is one of the best activities for those who love to walk amidst nature. Interestingly deriving its name from the camel shaped humps that can be seen at the end of this road, Mussoorie local sightseeing is best enjoyed on such idle locales that enable you to enjoy the pure beauty of such destinations. Local food stalls are available to allure you with treats while sunsets and valley views mesmerise you.

Distance from resort: 9.5 km

Lal Tibba

Located atop Depot Hill, Landour, Lal Tibba is the highest vantage point in Mussoorie. Take a peek at the Himalayan mountain peaks of Badrinath, Kedarnath etc with the help of the telescope installed there. Interestingly enough this telescope was installed as far back as in the year 1967. Enjoy a light snack and hot beverages from the cafe here and witness one of the most spectacular sunsets at Lal Tibba!

Distance from resort: 8.8 km

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Company Garden in Mussoorie

Company Garden

For nature-enthusiasts and lovers, Company Garden is a must-visit destination in Mussoorie! Decorated with vibrant flowers and blooms, it is one of the most breathtaking and beautiful locations in the hill station. Locals and tourists alike come here for picnics or day-outs with their family and friends. Its charm is heightened by a mini lake and an artificial waterfall, perched inside the garden. Guests can boat across the lake. The garden has an attached amusement park that allows tourists to partake in adventurous activities. It also has a telescope that makes visitors feel closer to the Himalayas.

Distance from resort: 18.2 km


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