When we hear the name of Goa, the first impression that grips our mind are the beach resorts around Panjim or Morjim and the hustle and bustle at the beaches such as Baga, Candolim, Calangute or Colva. We often do not pay attention to the actual symbols of Goa being over powered by the rave parties and the mass-tourism. The Goan Beauty is beyond the beaches and sun-downers, hence we present, THE LIST OF 'OUT OF THE BOX TRAVEL IDEAS.'
Explore the many hidden treasures of Goa during your stay at one of the best beach resorts in Goa - Larisa Beach Resort, Goa

Butterfly Conservatory, Ponda
The giant horde of tasteless travellers that has transformed Goa to nothing but a land of beaches has no idea of the sheer magnificence hidden within this place. The Butterfly Conservatory at Ponda is a place where you can feed and play with a bunch of species of butterflies.

Butterfly LaRisa Goa
Dolphin Larisa Goa

Witness The Joy Of Dolphins
This wondrous aquatic mammal with its prodigious brain and magnanimous heart makes you feel alive and desired despite your morbid life. The 'Dolphin Viewing' cruises usually start at Fort Aguada or Panaji Jetty and offer you some quality time to play with the dolphins in the open ocean. This feeling surpasses every other for the love of "Free Willy!"

Explore The Caves
When you are soul-weary of the Goan beaches and want some time off, the caves are the right spot for you. The Arvalem and Lamgau caves are far beyond, with their majestic rocks and pillars. Aesthetically rich, it may press your exploratory chord. After all, Caves are said to be captivating, aren't they?

Caves Larisa Goa