Adventure Camping in Mussoorie


Often referred to as the Queen of hill stations, Mussoorie is one of the most popular tourist destinations in North India. Tourists pour in from all parts of the country and world to bask in the natural beauty of this quaint hill station. Besides presenting uplifting pristine views of the surrounding valley and mountain ranges, Mussoorie has a lot in store for adventure seekers. One of the common activities people seek for is camping in the wilderness of Mussoorie. There are several camping sites in Mussoorie set in picturesque settings. We are here to help you navigate through these sites and help you choose the best!

Kempty Falls

The name of this campground is derived from two words that sum up the experience this site provides- camp and tea. So, tea-lovers, if you wish to combine your passion for the beloved beverage with the thrill of camping, this is the destination to be. The waterfall itself is a mesmerising cascade of water falling from an elevation, forming a pond below which is perfect for a relaxing bath or swim. The area around the waterfall is the perfect place for a small picnic or can also be turned into a delightful camp site.

camping in mussoorie by Kempty Falls
campsites in mussoorie include sites by the river

Mossy Falls

Mossy Falls is cosily tucked away between the folds of mountains and therefore makes for a quiet and quaint camping site. The serene ambience of this spot accompanied by the thick growth of trees and lush greenery gives off a charming, almost magical vibe. In order to reach the waterfall, campers will have to undertake a short trek through the rough terrain which presents rewarding views of the forests. Once you set up camp here, you will be welcomed by the melodious chirping of birds as the sunlight dances on the flowing water.

Nag Tibba

For those who visit Mussoorie to try camping and enjoy the views of Himalayan Ranges surrounding the town, Nag Tibba is the perfect spot that combines both of these aspects. Campers will have to undertake a short trek here as well but it is worth it once you reach the top. Exhilarating views of the vanilla peaks and the sprawling valley below welcome you as you stand atop an elevation of 9915m. Set up your camp here, brew a cup of tea and bask in the vastness of the beautiful panorama.

mussoorie the queen of hills

Best Time to Camp in Mussoorie


Summers, are usually the best time for camping in Mussoorie because of the clear skies indicating comfortable weather. The snow melts away to reveal bright shades of green thereby painting a breathtaking picture of the hill station. Moreover, rain is sparse in the region and hence very unlikely to interrupt your plans. Winters are generally accompanied by heavy snowfalls and can often disrupt trekking trails. However, some of the trails remain traversable and you can opt for them for a unique experience amidst the snow.

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