Shimla, the “Clean, Serene and Vibrant” smart city, is crowned for its breathtaking panoramas of nature and snow-capped summits. The clement weather that graces tourists throughout the year, demands a visit from all. The cascading waterfalls, high-rise mountains, lush greenery and colonial-style architectural wonders beautify the hill station. Apart from these, Shimla is also accessorised by the splendid apple gardens. The apple trees in Shimla are widespread that make the city all the more exquisite and ravishing.

Due to its ubiquitous presence in Himachal Pradesh, there are multiple tours that guide visitors through the enamouring apple gardens. It opens the door to a first-hand experience of how the fruit is grown and nourished. You can also pick the succulent fruits and bite them for a taste! So take a trip to some of the most enticing apple orchards in Shimla.

Thanedhar's Apple orchard in Shimla

Thanedhar's Apple Story

The Thanedhar apple garden is a 3-4 hour drive away from Shimla via Narkanda. The orchard is located at a high altitude, and the apples grown there are some of the best in India! This apple garden in Shimla was founded by a young American named Samuel Evan Stokes, who arrived in India a century ago to serve leprosy patients. He soon fell in love with the beauty of the Himalayan villages and later decided to stay there and settle.

Satyanand Stokes brought the saplings of red apples from America and planted them in Thanedhar. Over the period, descendants of the Stokes family owned many lands in the area to cultivate delicious red apples, and today they are one of the largest suppliers in the town.


Kotgarh is a village located in the district of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. This 82 km long excursion winds its way through the Himalayas, passing by Naldehra. The route is lined with apple orchards, making it the perfect place to stock up on fresh fruits. In addition to apples, Kotgarh is also known for its apricots and pears. Be sure to enjoy a delicious picnic lunch in one of the many scenic spots along the way to this astounding apple orchard. Shimla is incomplete without it!

Apples at Kotgarh, one of the best apple orchids in Shimla
Apples at apple orchards in Shimla

Mashobra Apple Orchard

Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Mashobra Village is located in the Shimla district and is a beautiful getaway for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The village is well known for its apple orchards. It is located at an average elevation of 2000 metres which provides stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

The apples grown here are said to be some of the best globally, and many people believe that they are even healthier than those grown in other regions.

They are available from September to November. This Shimla apple garden is open from 10 am to 5 pm every day. There is no entrance fee, welcoming everyone who wishes to explore this paradise of apples. There are also several hiking and biking trails in nearby areas. In winter, skiing and snowboarding are popular activities here.

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