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Be uncomfortable!!! Step outside your comfort zone

“Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets” ~ Oscar Wilde

The only rule while travelling is that there is no rule. If we limit our wandering mind and if we confine our hungry soul then the significance of travel will automatically diminish. Burst the familiar bubble of sticking around in your comfort zone and break the old-school clutter of what if? Hence, travel beyond measure and let the disturbance take over!

Take a solo trip and travel the road less travelled

Let the new places take you by surprise!!! Be your own boss over the trip as no one interferes with your choices and you get to make your own decisions. Taking the road less travelled may yield better and sound results. While you explore new places, you get to be your own “Big white chief.” Isn’t that kind of cool?


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Explore your own country

Our country, being so diverse, attracts you with multiple options in all four directions. Why not take a pocket-friendly domestic voyage than indulge in “pay through the nose” experience? No currency difference, no language change but an innovative affair. It can be educative as far as the history and heritage of your own country are concerned. Revisit your childhood favourite place to bring back old memories. You can fit trips around your busy work schedule. It is both time-saving and pocket-friendly!

Reach out to a travel buddy

If you find travelling by yourself a boring enterprise then hunt for a travel buddy. Reasons for the same can be numerous, such as the need to feel safe and less stressful, companionship, cost-sharing, etc. Isn’t it good to have someone who can watch your backpack when you go take a leak or enter a trial room? Someone who is as crazy as you and enjoys the same sense of humour as you, parties like a rock star and explores like a pirate. If you are the homesick kind, you will experience fewer moments of loneliness with a travel partner. Handpick that someone and leave the rest to the unwinding road!!!

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Grab a notebook or find a new podcast

If you are a “Hodophile” who fancies penning down experiences in the form of travel diaries or travelogues - plan your next story or create a podcast over a series of events unfolding on your trip. This shall act as a remembrance of the places you visited and can be shared with fellow or aspiring travel lovers. How about getting famous over an adventurous journey with collection of stories, memories and discovery?

Experience a different culture

Like Mark Twain rightly said, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” Therefore, travellers must expose themselves to various cultures vital for their personal growth. It adds to ones social-network, flexibility, open-mindedness, and independence. Exposure to multi-cultures or diversity will lead to better judgment while you meet people of different religions, colour, race and educational background. You will discover new social norms and lifestyles. As the world is becoming more and more interconnected; the exciting part besides the amazing food and shopping lies in expanding your circle of friends across the globe.


Digital Detox

Stay healthier and heartier while travelling with less Social Media, more bonding and experiencing. The moment you refrain from using electronic devices proves to be beneficial for relationships, productivity and health. Travelling with stress is highly unproductive in nature and futile too so it is better to unplug, sit back and relax while you enjoy the view, facilities and the various treats the destination has to offer. We don’t advocate a “Cold Turkey” here but we suggest you, “Disconnect to Connect.”

Become a weekend warrior!

Fight it out for your love of travel by making the most of your weekends. If you don’t have any ready plan for your long weekend, then don’t be lazy, just be spontaneous – BACKPACK! It is the key to your weekend bliss. Three days can’t cover long distances so head to a closer destination that has been playing on your mind for long. We always think that travelling is cumbersome while the truth remains, we don’t even put in the required effort. Travel in any portion is available, and mind you, it is not restricted to large-scale events but can take the form of simple road-trips as well. However, ultimately what counts is… Travel!!!

Weekend Warrior
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Take your Pets to the Pet-Friendly Destinations

How many times have you cancelled your travel plans or vacations prioritizing your pet??? - The fret pang of leaving behind your pet? or constant anxiety about its well-being? Travelling is exciting and with your pet, it gets even better. Imagine your pet becoming an integral part of your trip-memory; be it Instagram selfies, nature walks, houseboat cruising, picnicking in hills, sitting in cafes, fishing and much more. As travelling with your pet gets popular, the pet-friendly holiday destinations become more accessible. Do not hesitate in approaching a pet-friendly resort or hotel; just do your homework right and understand the rules before booking one. With your four-legged companion this time, make your trip as playful as your travel can get!!!

Eat like a local

If you are looking for an authentic culinary experience, local dining can be gratifying only if you are familiar with the city. You would need to eat like the locals, rather than eating at touristy restaurants or popular chain locations. It can only be achieved if your research is done right. Next step would be to explore the city, in the hope of discovering unexpected restaurants when and where you least expect them. Street food is the safest bet while travelling; as the hawkers display the authentic cuisines, spoiling you for choice. As they say, When in Rome, do as the Romans do!!!




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