“Food is everything we are. It’s an extension of nationalist feeling, ethnic feeling, your personal history, your province, your region, your tribe, your grandma. It’s inseparable from those from the get-go.” – Anthony Bourdain (an American celebrity chef, author, and travel documentarian) summed it all up for a foodie traveller.
The question remains, do we indulge in enough research on the authentic local cuisine before we head out to a destination or do we only binge on the fast food junk available everywhere?

We have listed the local cuisine of the traditional Garhwalis and Kumaoni with authentic flavors that you as a traveller can indulge in Mussoorie.

5 Must-Have Authentic Garhwali Cuisines


Made of pahadi  (mountainous) radish root and potato, crushed along with some ginger and garlic, this dish is culminated with some aromatic and delectable spices. You cannot possibly ignore this one if you are a potato fan. 



It is just not the usual kali dal that we eat in our regular meal, it is quite different and how? The black lentils are first roasted until it gives off an aromatic fragrance before being grinded to the consistency of a powder. Thereafter, it is cooked to perfection in the form of thick gravy.


Heard of lentils named, Gahat or Kulath? They are the staples of the Garhwalis. This dal is soaked for 8 hours before grinding it into a thick batter. The batter is then used both as gravy and also to create small pancakes and cook them together.



The healthier version of the popular North Indian “Sarson ka Saag”, Kafuli is prepared from fresh spinach, onion, ginger, garlic and other aromatic spices which are later on thickened with the help of delicious rice paste. This dish is as “Evergreen” as the colour suggests!

Kode Ki Roti

With its considerable presence on the hills, Koda or Ragi, a local grain, has become the most common bread served with condiments and daal. Incredibly rich in iron and fibre, it surely does offer health benefits.

kode ki roti

5 Must-Have Authentic Kumaoni Cuisines

aloo ke gutke

Aloo Ke Gutke

A modest dish readily available as street food, yet reviewed as a culinary gem. Not very tough to prepare the fried potatoes are seasoned with red chilli flakes, coriander leaves and other spices. Bursting with flavours, it is an ideal comfort-food to indulge in!

Bhatt ki Churkani

Most loved cuisine of the Kumauni communities, it is prepared with the help of black soya bean, which is locally grown and is blended with rice paste making it one of the healthiest delicacies of the Kumaon region.



One of the traditional favourites of the Kumaoni region is prepared with the lentil of your preference either Gahat or Arhar. The stock thus created is then turned into a really fine paste by including some rice flour and mixing some flavorful powdered spices over a slow fire.

Bhang ki Chutney

“Bhang” as the name suggests, the chief component for this accompaniment is hemp seeds. Roasted to perfection, these seeds are added with garlic shoots, sour pomegranate seeds, tamarind, salt and cumin making it spicy enough to compliment with the main course.

Bhaang Ki chutney
Kumaoni Dal Bade

Kumaoni Dal Bade

Quite popular in nature, these fritters are prepared of Kumaoni dal and are fried to a crispy consistency. The appearance may be similar to a typical vada but the difference is in the taste for sure.


If you have sweet tooth, then definitely wallow in the sweet savouries. To name a few: Gulgula, Arsa, Singori and the list goes on…