The name Larisa is inspired by the local language of Lahul - La signifies that which is above, Ri - the mountains & Sa means the Earth. Larisa believes in responsible tourism that can be consumed in a more productive manner via  our wellness theory and eco-friendly mantra. 'Sustainability' being our core value, we aspire to deliver the best possible service and experience. We intend to achieve this through our dedicated service, innovative differentiation and forecast of our guests.
Larisa Resort is renowned for offering the perfect blend of luxury, comfort & style.
Our mission towards our customer is - RELAX, REJUVENATE & REVIVE. Our core values are driven by our desire to deliver consistent, exceptional experiences and our zeal to always be the "1st choice" for our guests, shareholders and partners. Our goal is to provide an exquisite experience & personalized service for holidays and vacations.
We offer a memorable stay to our guests which lasts a lifetime as we understand the limited time for leisure in today's hectic schedule.
The company came to life in 2015 with our 1st resort which has emerged as the best resort in Manali. Today we are a total of 4 operational properties:
Manali Resort
Goa Beach Resort
Mussoorie Resort
Shimla Resort
We have a couple of exhilarating projects in the pipeline to be unveiled soon.