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+91 91 6767 1035 | LaRiSa Resort, Manali
+91 99 3009 6967 | LaRiSa Beach Resort, Goa

Elegance & Comfort Unleashed

LaRiSa Resorts are renowned for offering the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and style. The name "LaRiSa" originates from an amalgamation of three words from the local language of Lahul - La signifies that which is above, Ri, the mountains, and Sa means the Earth. True to its name, the resorts stand amidst nature's beauty and heavenly surroundings. 

We have two properties - LaRiSa Resort in Manali and LaRiSa Beach Resort in Goa. The resorts offer a superior level of elegance and comfort while providing the guests with impeccable hospitality and services. Our aim is to envelop the guests with warmth and graciousness so as to provide them a wonderful experience they can treasure forever.

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