LaRiSa Mountain Resort, Manali

Kullu - Naggar - Manali Rd, Haripur, Himachal Pradesh 175136, India
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A Magical Boutique Resort in Manali

The district of Kullu in Himachal Pradesh is often referred to as Devbhoomi, or the land of the gods. One look around here and you’ll know why. It is blessed with the majesty of the mountains, and as you approach the Beas, a tributary of the Indus, its roar fills your ears and its thump echoes in your heart. The whistling of the thrush sounds like a hymn, and the leaves in the forests seem to be murmuring prayers.

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It is in this magical location that LaRiSa Mountain Resort, Manali, arose. The name is inspired from the local language of Lahul. La signifies that which is above, Ri, the mountains, and Sa means the earth. And everything at LaRiSa Mountain Resort, Manali, high in the mountains, feels like it’s come from the earth, just like its name. Orchards stretch out in seemingly endless waves of apple trees. Cottages of stone and wood blend seamlessly into the landscape. And a bounty of flowers, vegetables, beans and herbs grow in the garden beyond. To experience all this and more head to LaRisa Mountain Resort - the best resort in Manali, which also offers alluring honeymoon packages for couples heading to Kullu Manali.

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LaRiSa Mountain Resort is located in Haripur, right on Manali-Naggar Road. Surrounded by majestic peaks and exquisite surroundings, the resort lets you choose from two comfortable types of accommodation. Be it the Deluxe Room or the Premier Luxury Suite, each room has a story to tell while embracing you in its warmth.

Everything feels blessed as the songs of birds and crickets harmonize in the lap of nature. This hallowed retreat, in the middle of nowhere, seems the perfect place to find yourself.

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